How commissions work

How commissions work

You want a custom tiny ass painting? Cool! Please send your commission requests to Here's a rundown of the process. 


Send me a photo.

All I need from you is a photo of the ass(es) you want painted. Cropping-wise it's easier for me if there is some breathing room between the ass and the edge of the frame. 

Naked or underwear or other adornments are up to you. Generally, I don't paint tattoos. The most area i'll cover is middle back to the knees--no hands, feet, arms, or heads.  


Agree on a design and price.

Commissions start at €70 and go up depending on how wild you want to get design-wise. Each additional ass in a single painting adds €40. It's best to send me separate photos of each bum. 

Check out the Commission Gallery for examples. 


Send me the money.

I ask for full payment up front before I begin your painting. My preferred payment methods are bank transfer or Venmo. 


I paint.

It will take a week to make the painting. If you need it sooner let me know. 


You receive.

I ship worldwide. Postage and handling costs €5 within Germany, €11 within the EU, and €17 everywhere else.

If you are in Berlin, you can pick it up at a weekend market or we can schedule an appointment for a hand-off. 


Got a question?

Please send all commission-related messages to

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